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We are giving Hexicans until October 1st 2022 to lock in at the special sign up rate and opening up International- then we will be raising the price!


You asked and we listened!

Not only did we completely change our fee structure but we are open and ready to serve 5 more countries and we have extended the introductory offer!

We really weren’t sure how busy we would get when we first launched, we had over 300 people reach out and have over $2B AUM so far. 

We originally promised that we would offer International this year, so we have set aside spots for those who have been waiting to pull the trigger in the US and for our International friends from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Mexico

After the countdown timer ends the price will be going up to a $15,000 sign up fee. Keep in mind this is still cheaper than what the general public pays (we will always take care of our Hexican family). Now is the time to take advantage and lock in your spot! 

What Exactly Is

Mountain Crypto Advisers Private Client Offering?

MCA is a group of experts composed of

  • certified public accountants
  • financial planners
  • trust experts
  • estate planning attorneys
  • insurance specialists
  • real estate experts
  • trustees
  • trust protectors
  • and entrepreneurial advisors


All here to help structure and secure your personal wealth! 

MCA is a one-stop shop connecting all the puzzle pieces, no matter how complex- under one roof!

The MCA team has over 550 years of experience in wealth advising for some of the richest families in the world, once you become a private client we are partners for life! We are there for you with your yearly tax planning, kids inheritance and in your corner for any unfortunate events like a IRS audit.



You look at your Hex stakes and realize life as you knew it was about to fundamentally change! For some, this is dashboard money and something to get excited about in the future and for others that got in from the start, this is real money that is about to end stake and be in your hands!

It’s at some point after that realization that another one hits you and that is the new found responsibility of that money, the tax implications and how to actually get this money out and back to you.

This is where everything can go wrong, we have all seen it before with those that win the lotto, we know the statistics and we all hope that won’t be us.

Its Not Your Fault!

The reality is most people have no clue how to properly protect their money, let alone limit taxes and structure wealth to be passed on. What’s worse is most of the “tried and true” personal finance strategies being taught online flat out don’t work. 

But don’t worry, if those mind-numbing courses all regurgitating the same thing aren’t your speed you could always pay a wealth coach or consultant to essentially push you to his CPA friend that kinda knows about crypto. 

Look, if grinding out hundreds of hours at youtube university feels exhausting to you, we want you to know you’re not alone. 



We employ a simple strategy that ACTUALLY works, based on our over 550+ years of experience in the multi-family office space!

And we work with you and hold you by the hand from start to finish to ensure everything is setup and personalized to you based on YOUR needs and wants for yourself and your succession plan. 

Look we aren’t service providers, we are your strategic partners here to help execute on your plan!

Don’t delay, reserve your spot today!

We Take A 4 Pillar Approach With Your Wealth!

These core 4 pillars focus on the key areas that must be addressed in order to ensure your wealth for not only your life time but many to come. 


Privacy is two fold: (1) while living - not letting the world know what you have. Owning your assets in structures that provide privacy and minimize your liability silhouette by keeping the target off your back through a vail of privacy and (2) providing a strategy that allows you to pass your wealth down to the next generation in a discrete manner (I.e., avoiding the public process of probate). This keeps the target off the backs of your beneficiaries by not letting the world know what you’re leaving and who’s getting what.


Protection is also two-fold: (1) while living, encasing your assets in a firewall of liability protection, mitigating risk of loss due to litigation and frivolous targeting, and (2) maintaining the same level of protection after you pass for your children - for generations if you want - to protect them from similar threats, including future ex-spouses.

Tax Efficency

Tax efficiency starts before you sell: making sure your assets are taxed efficiently while you hold them and continues through to when you sell. Pay less by paying attention. Tax efficiency extends even after you sell - ensuring your fiat investment is managed in a way that mitigates, defers, or eliminates tax.

Investment Opportunities

Grow your wealth with a blend of Public and Private investments by investing directly in companies, properties and private equity through various product offerings. Our core focus is on long-term value creation through growth and profitability in companies and properties.


Everything You Need To Get Started Is Right Here

What Is MCA?

MCA – Mountain Crypto Advisers is the quarterback of your planning.
The team is comprised of a strategic network of certified public accountants, financial planners, trust experts, estate planning attorneys, insurance specialists, real estate experts, trustees, trust protectors, and entrepreneurial advisors – all under one roof! The MCA team has the unique ability to offer crypto owners a wide breadth of expertise influenced not just by an understanding of crypto, but by decades of experience across a team that currently plans for some of the richest families in the world.

Learn more about what makes MCA unique by watching this film.

Why MCA?

Mountain Crypto Advisers tailors time-tested planning strategies to the fiat off-ramp. Our focus isn’t just on tax mitigation, our focus is on implementing holistic planning strategies that couple tax mitigation with cash flow generation, protecting what you’ve earned, privacy for you and your family, and integrated investment opportunities, together, aimed at funding the lifestyle you want in a manner that’s private and protected. 10% of our energy goes into setting up your plan, and while initial planning covers multiple technical considerations and calculations, it’s the easy part (in our opinion). 90% of our energy goes into what matters most: administering, monitoring, adapting, and proactively influencing your plan to maximize its tax and planning efficiency as you offramp. We’re involved not just in setting-up your plan, but continually – focused on advising you and adapting your plan as your circumstances change. Learn about how MCA is leveraging time-tested strategies to create income-producing strategies for its clients – and how it may benefit you, by watching this film.

What’s a Strategic Partner?
Mountain Crypto Advisers prides itself in being an integrated and strategic partner poised for continual and proactive service of our clients for decades to come. We despise transactional service providers and aren’t afraid to admit it. A transactional service provider is the lawyer pushing the trust document, commenting in stream comments to sell you ink on a sheet of paper that they “drafted” by exporting a trust template from their legal software and adding your name. A transactional service provider is the CPA myopically focused on cranking out tax returns (because that’s how they make money), rather than proactively planning for tax around the uniqueness of crypto. It’s the insurance agent looking for a quick buck and the trust company putting themselves out as a partner but focusing their efforts on paying bills and coordinating tax prep for the trust, and not on ensuring an integrated tax, investment, estate, insurance, and cash flow plan is implemented and overseen in an effective manner. We made a promise to ourselves (and our clients) when we started Mountain Crypto Advisers: we would NEVER be a transactional service provider. We’re in it for the long run – with you – as a continual force of proactive and efficient planning. Learn more about what differentiates a transactional relationship from a true partnership by watching this film.

Why Is Holistic & Integrated Planning Important?

In planning – implementation is everything. Cryptocurrency for example is evolving in the eyes of the government and the IRS. To protect your gains you need an airtight plan that’s informed by multiple overlapping and integrated considerations – tax, financial, trust, estate, insurance, etc. – in a manner that allows each to work in concert together. With clients mostly involved in more legacy products/investments you probably won’t face so many considerations each year. Mountain Crypto Advisers is the one-stop-shop for your planning needs and there’s a reason for that. There’s no doubt that other talented and experienced professionals exist outside of MCA, but rarely do we find talented and experienced professionals that are able to effectively communicate and integrate their plan into the larger plan. Clients that engage multiple service providers (e.g., attorney, trustee, CPA, insurance agent, etc.) often end up with isolated plans – a tax plan, an estate plan, a trust plan, an insurance plan – plans that don’t effectively consider and account for the overlap across other planning disciplines. Ensuring your plan works in harmony across all planning arenas is what makes a plan effective and it’s why MCA quarterbacks the planning process across all planning disciplines. Learn more about why holistic and integrated planning is important and how it may benefit you by watching this film.

When should I get started?

Proactive planning is critical to ensuring you maximize your plan’s effectiveness. Even if you don’t plan on off-ramping to fiat within the short term, having the infrastructure of your plan built, is critical to take advantage of the tax benefits when you do sell and the asset protection and estate planning benefits before you sell. Learn more about why it is important to be proactive in setting up your plan by watching this film.

Why not flee the country?

It’s no secret that crypto owners especially see moving out of the US as a means of avoiding crypto gain taxes. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems, and there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. If you believe the United States government cares about your feelings related to paying them taxes, you’re wrong. The government is not okay with you picking up your bags and moving without paying them a penny. While there may be some tax benefit associated with moving internationally, it often comes with many practical downsides that are not considered. At our core, we’re not opposed to you fleeing the country, we’re just here to tell you that there’s tax-efficient alternatives to that extreme option. Learn more about why crypto owners do not need to flee the country to protect their gains and how it may benefit you, by watching this film.

Is Crypto at risk?

We know that cryptocurrency is going to be attacked – too many regulatory bodies do not understand it or just don’t like it. Our planning is focused on building a defendable position for you, your family, and what you’ve earned. To learn more about how crypto owners can come together to build their defensible position, watch this film.

Will MCA control my Money or Crypto?

Absolutely not. We do NOT control when you sell, how much you sell, and we do not have access to your seed words. We value and respect your privacy and security. We DO maintain a continual involvement in your planning, as a source of proactive advice. As you consider off ramping, we discuss tax implications and planning strategies, along with how to make the money productive when it’s converted to cash, so that you can buy the things you want and have the income stream you desire. Learn more about how working with MCA may benefit you by watching this film.

What are the 3 types of Trusts?

We’re highlighting three trusts, but there’s more we consider based on our client’s situation, goals, and objectives. Most clients ask why more than one trust is needed, and it’s a valid question. The reality: each trust optimizes a particular benefit. In an ideal world, you would have one trust that optimizes all benefits, but it doesn’t exist. If it did, the trust would conflict with itself – because certain benefits of a trust preclude it from taking advantage of other planning benefits, hence the need for trusts focused on optimizing specific benefits – privacy, protection, tax, etc. Our trusts are built to hold your assets (e.g., crypto and non-crypto) before and after you sell them. When you sell your crypto, the cash proceeds are put to work within the trusts in a manner focused on income production.  The Revocable Living Trust, the Domestic Asset Protection Trust, and the Charitable Remainder Trust are topics of this conversation, but our conversation may expand into other trust planning realms based on your facts and circumstances. Learn more about how each trust may benefit you by watching this film. You can also learn more about each trust in the films specific to each trust, below.

What is a Revocable Living Trust?

The Revocable Living Trust is a centerpiece of your estate plan. It provides guidance (a customized “rule book”) that spells out the management and transfer of your wealth in the case of your (and your spouse’s) disability and death, ensuring that your wealth passes to those you care about in a controlled and private manner. The Revocable Living Trust is, as is indicated in its name, revocable. Meaning, it can be amended or revoked by you at any point, as many times as you’d like. This gives you the ultimate control over the “rule book,” what goes in the trust (or comes out) and who receives the benefit of the trust when you pass. Learn more about the Revocable Living Trust and how it may benefit you by watching this film.

What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?

The Charitable Remainder Trust is often used to mitigate taxes. Because it doesn’t pay taxes, it generally avoids capital gain tax exposure (federal and state) associated with the sale of highly appreciated assets held within it (e.g., crypto). In addition to not paying taxes, it permits its “founder” (known as the “Settlor” or “Grantor” – that’s YOU) to take a charitable income tax deduction associated with the value of assets contributed to the trust. This charitable income tax deduction shows up on your personal tax return, allowing you to offset and reduce tax outside of the trust (e.g., investment income, other crypto gains held outside the charitable trust, W-2 income, 1099, K-1, etc.). Generally, this trust’s benefit is most effectively tailored to the goals of the crypto owner when there’s an existing charitable intent. Learn more about this trust and how it may benefit you by watching this film.

Why use a Domestic Asset Protection Trust?

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts are designed to keep your assets private and protected, as a risk mitigation strategy to minimize the threat of lawsuits. This trust allows the owner to keep certain assets outside the scope of certain liability, if the trust is set-up within an effective jurisdiction, and administered effectively. In addition, the trust may provide a tax benefit in a manner that excludes certain income from state taxation. Learn more about how establishing a Domestic Asset Protection Trust may benefit you by watching this film.

How to minimize your Taxes?

Contrary to what many people assume, taxes are only a small part of building an effective plan. Executing and integrating the tax plan into the larger aspects of your plan is what matters most – and we’re here to do that. Our tax planning is proactive and focuses on various strategies aimed at eliminating, mitigating, and/or deferring capital gain, and/or state and federal income tax. Charitable Remainder Trusts, as a tax-focused trust solution; Qualified Opportunity Zones; as a tax-efficient business/real estate investment strategy; and tax-credit-focused investment strategies, are just some of the strategies we employ to enhance tax efficiency for our clients. Learn more about why by watching this film.

Things To Know

This is a Strategy & Onboarding call, we are here to make sure that we are a good fit for your needs and you as a client that aligns with us. 

During your Onboarding call:

Your initial onboarding call will be with one of our lead advisers. To make our call more productive, we’ll review the data that you submit during the onboarding process, to ensure the call is tailored effectively to your situation. We will delve deeper into planning specifics within the call and after the call as we move forward to set-up your plan.

Your Onboarding consult fee:

The consulting fee will be applied as a credit to the signup fee/services you may engage at Mountain Crypto Advisers.

Have questions about the signup fee or fee structure? Get answers here. 

Our Objective:

Mountain Crypto Advisers work exclusively with wealthy individuals to help them create a strategic plan for their families wealth creating a proper entity, trust and tax strategy! The more Hexicans we can help, the closer that puts us to our goal of reshaping the world. 

Let Us Create Your Holistic Wealth Plan!

We help Hexicans legally structure their crypto to uphold privacy, reduce taxes and protect their assets improving piece of mind We have helped 100s of Hexicans and we can help you, too

We offer holistic strategies to help Hexicans secure, plan and grow their crypto wealth.

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