We Are The Quarterback To Your Planning!

MCA has simplified legacy wealth and crypto planning strategies!

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We Are The Quarterback To Your Planning!

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It's Time To Optimize Your Life!

Reinvent the way you experience life with wealth planning built around your needs! MCA is the quarterback to your strategic planning. 

We Take A 4 Pillar Approach With Your Wealth!

These core 4 pillars focus on the key areas that must be addressed in order to ensure your wealth for not only your life time but many to come. 


Privacy is two fold:

(1) While living – not letting the world know what you have. Owning your assets in structures that provide privacy and minimize your liability silhouette by keeping the target off your back through a vail of privacy

(2) Providing a strategy that allows you to pass your wealth down to the next generation in a discrete manner (i.e., avoiding the public process of probate). This keeps the target off the backs of your beneficiaries by not letting the world know what you’re leaving and who’s getting what.


Protection is also two-fold:

(1) while living, encasing your assets in a firewall of liability protection, mitigating risk of loss due to litigation and frivolous targeting

(2) maintaining the same level of protection after you pass for your children – for generations if you want – to protect them from similar threats, including future ex-spouses.

Tax Efficiency

Tax efficiency starts before you sell: making sure your assets are taxed efficiently while you hold them and continues through to when you sell. Pay less by paying attention.

Tax efficiency extends even after you sell – ensuring your fiat investment is managed in a way that mitigates, defers, or eliminates tax.

Investment Opportunities

Grow your wealth with a blend of Public and Private investments by investing directly in companies, properties, and private equity through various product offerings.

Our core focus is on long-term value creation through growth and profitability in companies and properties.

What Is MCA?

Mountain Crypto Advisers (MCA) is a group of experts composed of certified public accountants, financial planners, trust experts, estate planning attorneys, insurance specialists, real estate experts, trustees, trust protectors, and entrepreneurial advisors here to help structure your personal wealth plan. We are a one stop shop connecting all of the puzzle pieces, no matter how complex- under one roof!

The MCA team has over 550 years of experience in wealth advising for some of the richest families in the world, once you become a private client we are partners for life! We are there for you with your yearly tax planning, kids inheritance, and in your corner for any unfortunate events (like an IRS audit). 

We help bring peace of mind to a fast moving and often confusing area of your personal finances.

Once you become a client, you also gain access to private equity deals from our inner network of crypto, real estate investors, and VC offering deals worldwide in everything from syndications to private deal flow.

Stay At The Cutting Edge!

Ideal Client Types

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Pre-liquidity & Next-gen Gamechangers

Crypto Investors & Innovators

High-net worth & Multi-gen families

  • Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • Pre-liquidity & Next-gen Gamechangers
  • Crypto Investors & Innovators
  • High net worth & Multi-gen families

World Class Access Provided To Anyone!

“Mountain Crypto Advisers exists to provide individuals and families with personalized wealth planning and strategy from world-class talent typically only available to sophisticated investors”

Ken Brengle- Mountain Crypto Advisers Founding Partner

MCA Private Client

Our flagship service serves a wide range of clients from those with unrealized gains on their crypto dashboards to those who are asset- heavy investors looking to diversify. Work directly with our founders and our team to create a strategic plan based on your personal needs, then execute it with our trusted network.

Platinum Private Client

Work exclusively with our multi-family office team for preferred access and a higher level of service. From custom travel arrangements to property management and bespoke experiences, enjoy sophisticated services tailored to your unique needs. 

We offer holistic strategies to help asset-wealthy individuals secure, plan, and grow their wealth.

Veteran Owned & Operated

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