Meet The MCA Team

Everyone you need in your corner to successfully setup & manage your wealth!

We have an international team with over 550 combined years of experience in the wealth planning and Family Office space. Our team has worked with individuals who are preparing for extreme wealth in the near future, individuals who have came into extreme wealth recently, and those legacy clients who are looking for a modern strategy for traditional money

Rest assured there are probably very few situations (if any) we haven’t had to work through with our thousands of clients over the years. 

Ken Bengle


Blake Schaper

Managing Member, Director of Family Office Services


Director of Operations

Melanie Holliman, esq.

Director of Trust & Estate Planning

Victor Wilkerson, CFP, ChFC, CLU, RSP

Director of Financial Planning

Glenn Truitt, MHA, esq.

Director of Corporate Governance

Gus Harper, esq.

Director of Litigation Strategy

John Holliman, esq.

Director of Real Estate Law

Lisa Davis, CPA, MACC

Director of Tax Planning

Hugh Singletary

Director of Insurance Operations

Greg Wright, MBA

Director or Business Development

Roy Griffin

Blockchain Adviser

Eric Richey, esq.

Director of Real Estate Development

Lennard Christensen

Director of Private Placement Offerings

Lane Turner

Director of Cyber Security

Chris Dorn

Director of Banking and Trust Company Operations

Gary Woods

Director of Networking

Martina Dewi

Director of International Residency

Ron Foster

Director Of Travel & Events

Jake Tornow

Investment Advisor Representative

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We help wealthy individuals legally structure their portfolio to uphold privacy, reduce taxes, and protect their assets improving piece of mind. We have helped 100s of others and we can help you, too